Prepend enclosing list marker?

What does “Prepend enclosing list marker” do?
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Apple’s documentation for the Prepend enclosing list marker option says: “Specifies that a nested list should include the marker for its enclosing superlist before its own marker.” We are confident that someone will find this useful.

So does this mean that there is some code added to the list? I’m confused by the meaning of Apple’s documentation.

Not code, but the ‘parent’ bullet. See attached.


I’m still not understanding what it does and how it does it. I did a test; same stack, prepend checked in the first instance, prepend unchecked in the second instance. I see no difference. Look here:

You’ll only see a difference if any of your bullets are nested/indented.

I think you are best ignoring it. There are very few cases when this will be useful to anyone.

I guess my problem is I can’t see how to make it work… I will ignore it!

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