Problem with bullets in the list function

(Mary Delton) #1

I did not have this problem previous to RW7. I have a list of items and want to mark them with bullets. So I go to “list” and choose a bullet type. Looks great in the edit mode but when I go to preview, it makes the first bullet larger and moves the first item to the left. If I go back to edit mode it now shows the first bullet larger and if I publish, that’s what I get. Here’s a link to show what I mean. Hover over the Western…button

This is the way I always made bulleted lists. You can see other examples lower on the same page that were made with earlier versions of RW

Also what does “prepend enclosing list marker” mean. I tried checking it to see if that would help but it didn’t.


(Matthias Ficht) #2

Maybe the “Lister” stack by Will Woodgate could help you to create nice lists with much more reliable results than with the built-in tool:

(Mary Delton) #3

@RapidBase Thanks for suggestion. I will look into that. However, the built-in tool used to work fine.