Presenting albums in galleries

I´ve read a lot here in the forum, but up to now I have no sufficient solution. I have a large website with lots of albums containing from 10 to 50 pics each. Currently it is realized with WeaverPix and works fine. Now I´m migrating the site to foundations. and gut stuck. The Clearing gallery is not usable, because, as far as I understand, one has to deliver a thumbnail manually. I´m not willing to do this for a few thousand pictures.

So my question is: Is there something (a stack) comparable in functionality with this add-on (Weaverpix). So that I just can take my prepared pics and put them into something that makes thumbnails and presents the pictures in a lightbox. I thought that would be easy, but maybe I´m wrong…

Has Anyone a hint for me how to solve the problem?

Greetings from Germany


I would have thought WeaverPix would work with Foundation. Is there a conflict?

Another great option that I think meets all your needs is ProGallery, a new stack by Will Woodgate who has also created several WeaverPix themes. More here:

WeaverPix will work with Joe’s Global Content stack.

Hi Mike

What’s the issue you got stuck on? Weaverpix should be fine with foundation. No extra add ons needed.


No, it should be fine. There shouldn’t be any conflicts.

@goinup is correct, here is a site I made. It has two pages, both using the Foundation theme.
This page
Uses Global Content to import the second page into it. The second page:
uses PlusKit to @import the navigation page which is here

Now, we do not support the use of PlusKit and @importing a navigation menu into another page, if it works for you, like me, that is great. If not, you will need to find some other solution.

Hope this is helpful.

There is no direct “conflict” with weaverpix. It works,with foundation, but the navigation I build in (via the content-option I placed a header of links on each page) does not work in preview mode with foundation (it works on an exported site, but it would be more comfortable working in preview mode).

I´ve took a look on progallery. The option of taking single images is not possible to me, since I have about 4000 pic on my site, no way of setting width etc. manually. Surely one can pre-process the images to have a certain width and I do so withe a default of 600px, but up to now I do the most of the fine-tuning in the corresponding application (mostly weaverpix).

I did not try the possibility of uploading the images to my webspace and give that a try soon, maybe this is an option (but all the pages with galleries have to be re-build…).


As mentioned in another reply the navigation I build in (via the content-option where I placed a header of links on each page) does not work in preview mode with foundation. It works on an exported site, but it would be more comfortable working in preview mode. It would be great to have a navigation bar within a weaverpix page, because I often have a folder of albums to be presented(here an example of my “homemade” navigation:

Greetings from Germany


Ok, so this isn’t an issue with weaverpix. This is an issue with Foundation then as the navigation bars in Foundation don’t work in Preview mode?

You can upload images via FTP and weaverpix can read them. Just add an image warehouse source to weaverpix :slight_smile:

Hi again,
not the navigation bar isn´t working in preview mode it is the custom made navigation between different weaverpix pages I filled in in the “content” area of weaverpix (eg.

The linked page seems to work great here. The header/footer content areas are simply RW Styled Text areas. I’m not sure how to help as the published page works great and the issue is only affecting Preview mode (which I can’t replicate :frowning:)


@goInup: The page now works I got the things working last nicht :wink: So you are one of the first to see the new site. I did the weaverpix menus first by hand and now going to give global content a chance. But first have to remove a few “flaws” from the pages.