How to move a site to fundation

Hello all, I have a quite large website with a lot of sub-pages and albums (WeaverPix, and others) and so on. Now I want to migrate the site to foundation and experience some problems (eg. Link does not work in foundation site).
Is there an easy way to move the pages to foundation. I ask especially for my album pages created with WeaverPix. Up to now I see, that my links to navigate in such an album are not working. I would like to avoid to build the whole site new. the best would be a kind of drag and drop between the sites, but there seem to be problems as mentioned in the other post (link above).

Best thing to do is to copy paste stacks from old site to new site. You can drag and drop, but I find copy and paste works much better. I would then take text stacks and copy and paste the content into paragraph stacks. For images, drag a Foundation image into your project either above or below where the current image stack is and then add your image into the new Foundation image stack.

For plugins like WeaverPix, you can try using Pluskit to import a TopBar onto the page, but it will not always work. If it is supported, you can try using Joe’s Global Content stack and import a WeaverPix page into a stacks page.

For forms, if you use Formsnap or Formloom, you can either still use those or remake the forms in Foundation forms. To use Formloom, you MUST use Formloom 3.

Hope this helps!

I´ll give the copy-and-paste method a try. For the WeaverPix problems: This only exist within RW, for the exported site everything is fine and the links are working properly - within RW the do not show any function (???).

The hint with “Global Content Stack” is fine, but since I do not have this stack I´m not going to spend the money to buy it and than realize that it does not work…

About WeaverPix, you can see it working here with Global Content