Preventing plagiarism/copying my blog posts

(Brian Peters) #1

Can anyone recommend a stack that I can use to prevent others from copying/plagiarising my blog? I use Armadillo. Thank you

(Dave Farrants) #3

Agree with @SteveB, I use the same method. Someone scrapped 208 of my blog posts a few days ago (probably using SiteSucker or similar) - I’m keeping a watchful eye on Google!

(Brian Peters) #4

Many thanks for this. I know that some kind of protection is possible when using Wordpress, but I cannot find anything for Rapidweaver blogs. Maybe it just doesn’t exist.

(Rob Beattie) #5

If the posts are valuable enough to protect maybe you could make the blog sign-up only

Alternatively, there’s Protect but I’m not sure how - if at all - you could integrate it into Armadillo because I don’t have it.

(Brian Peters) #6

My articles are published in book form from time to time, so copy protect is important. Protect looks as if it is just what I am looking for. Many thanks Rob!

(Gavin Dudeney) #7

I don’t think Protect serves much purpose aside from what the makers say - as a kind of warning - viewing source will get you to the text, as will printing to PDF and then turning that into a Word document. As someone whose books are freely available on a variety of illegal download sites worldwide, I’ve simply learnt to live with it. If you don’t your blood pressure simply continues to rise and rise.

(Brian Peters) #8

HaHa! I know that feeling!

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #9

There is just no protection available when you publish content publicly in the internet. Security by obscurity is not the answer.