Preventing style overriding


We are experimenting with Dropkick.

Works OK - the content in the CMS is injected instead of tags such as:

A good solution when clients need to be very occasionally make very small changes.

But it does seem to mess with formatting.

We are running on Foundation = Stacks

Default site text style is removed for the secitions instered even though the inserted sections are not formatted beyone basic HTML - paragraphs, breaks etc.

Has anyone found a work round for this? - First section is inserted from the CMS - second is default.


Have been asked to give a bot more detail.

This is from an Edit p.o.v.:



Thanks for your interest!

We solved this by email I believe - just need to make sure any text pasted into the CMS is using Edit > “Paste and Match Style”
The same goes for RapidWeaver itself :slight_smile:

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