Preview not working correct

Since some day I have a problem with preview: Preview doesn’t show changes I made in the stacks settings.

For example: I change the alignment of a button from right to left - this is not shown in preview. I have to close the project first and open it again to see the change. As I can see, changes to the content, e.g. changing or writing text, are displayed immediately. Only changes that affect the layout cause problems.

I think it has something to do with Stacks 4. Going back to Stacks 3 solved the problem for me but that can only be a a temporary solution

Any ideas how to solve that problem?

I’ve just tested changing the button alignment in Source and Stacks 4. The alignment change is immediately visible in the edit and preview windows.

If this is all changes, even on an empty page with just built-in stacks – then there’s definitely something wrong with your setup and I’d recommend a thorough cleanup of your addons. I did a youtube video a while back on that topic:

However if your changes are being made within a partial, then I think there’s probably just some confusion:

One change we made in Stacks 4 is that changes made inside a partial or external do not get pushed out to the rest of the project(s) they’re being used in until you leave the partial.

This was an intentional change that helped to speed up several other aspects – primarily because changes made in partials can have vast affects all over your project.

That said, there’s been a general feeling that sometimes this speed/convenience tradeoff might be better the other way in some circumstances. And we’re looking at making some adjustments in that area.

That is the problem: I tested a lot this morning and just found that the problem affects only packed partials. When I unpack the partial or I leave the partial the changes can be seen in preview. Didn’t know that this behaviour was intended.

But I am not sure if that behaviour is such a good idea. It disturbs my way of working a lot when I have to leave a partial before controlling my changes I made inside the partial: Making a change - leaving the partial - controlling in preview - making next change - leaving the partial - controlling in preview - etc.

This happens a few times for me…normally when my system runs out of memory…save and restart RW…

Yes, this bothers me, too—a lot. I can not preview changes until I close a partial. Exactly like in the Michael’s post above. This aggravates the hell out of me because of all the wasted time…

OK. Then I really need your help. Here is (one of the many) challenge(s) that we face when previewing partials. I’d really appreciate some out of the box thinking to help me solve this user-interaction challenge:

  1. suppose there is a partial in your library.
  2. it contains a few components from Foundation/Foundry/Source/Whatever-Framework
  3. the framework base-stack (which usually contains the bulk of the CSS is not in the partial) is NOT included
  4. it is NOT currently being used anywhere in the project – but you will use it soon.

OK. So ground rules set.
Now you double-click on the partial right in the Stacks Library.
Of course it opens up and lets you edit it.

Now the Question:
What should the preview/simulation window show as you make your changes?

Things to keep in mind:

  • remember that the partial isn’t on the current page (or any page)
  • no base stack means no CSS for the framework stacks – depending on the framework they usually contain just enough CSS to let them look functional within a partial.

I don’t think there’s a wrong answer, so please feel free to share what you think. Out-of-the-box thinking and paradigm shifting changes that require vast amounts of work on my part are very welcome.

But please, do me a favor, take this seriously.
This really is tough stuff and this is not meant to be rhetorical or a joke in any way.



Well, I really don’t think the ability of editing a partial within the Library (without the context of a page) is such a big advantage of Stacks 4. But suppose this feature stays for good, would it be possible for you to make it so that—alternatively—editing a partial on a page (instead of within the Library) would allow me to preview changes immediately rather than after closing a partial?

If I had to choose either one feature or the other, I would certainly go with the ability to preview changes before I close a partial on a page (the way it was in Stacks 3).

BTW, I love your willingness to work with our input…

If it were a simple matter of this feature or that one – even I would choose previewing. :slight_smile:

Sorry @rovertek, I should have been more clear. That’s not the easy. :disappointed:

My Stacks 3 bug-list was littered with similar unfixed/unfixable issues – where what to preview is ambiguous. Cases where no matter what I choose to do, it will likely confuse some users.

This case that I outlined is just easy to explain. And a solution to this one will likely be a pattern we can use to solve many/most of the others.

So… yes. Awesome answer. Definitely paradigm shifting. Cutting the Gordian Knot, even. But I’m afraid we probably do have to solve some of these problems since the ability to include these things in 3rd party stacks (as Templates) exacerbates some of these issues to the point where they just can’t be ignored any longer.

When I edit a partial, I want to be able to preview the changes I have made in real time.

And I need to do that in a page with all its designs and already inserted content. I need a page with all the context. Only then I can check how changing anything in the partial will affect the page in total. Editing partials outside of a page in the library is no option for me. In this case I have to open a partial, edit it, close it, control it etc. That are too many steps

In the end: Regarding to the immediate verifiability of changes, I would like to have the behavior of Stacks 3 back. Do not know if it is possible but II’d be glad if that could come back. Maybe it is possible to offer both workflows .

whelp. i really blew it. i should have just said that i knew about this bug and was working hard on it already and left it at that.

i apologize for upsetting folks. i didn’t mean for this to be negative at all.

to me this type of bug is fun kind. this stuff is what i do to relax on sunday afternoons. i’m not being metaphorical. it’s funny that i’m a nerd that likes solve UI bugs for fun, but it’s not a joke. :crazy_face:

@apfelpuree - i know things don’t work the way they should. and i know that you’d really just like things to go back the way they were. i feel the same way. i’ll do my best to fix it.

my challenge posts above were meant to share some of the “fun” of solving this (temporarily) impossible puzzle: turning on the preview, without breaking a bunch of other important things – most of which are not easily lopped off like the feature i described, or half of a Gordian Knot.

so i’ll just go back to my job and let you get on with yours. :slight_smile:

that said, this is a tough one. i’ve been working on it for over a week already, and i suspect i’m not half way done yet. if this feature is crucial to your workflow it may be wise to work in stacks 3 this month – or maybe in unpacked partials, while i puzzle this one out.


p.s.: if someone reads this and they too are weird and enjoy puzzles and have an idea worth sharing – just shoot me a private message – we can geek out about it together. :nerd_face:


We are very lucky to have someone like you in our midst, Isaiah. BTW, no need for any apologies. I am certain that you will solve this puzzle to everyone’s satisfaction.


Your work is really impressive. Thank you

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