Previewing Rapidcart Pro pages

Good Morning everyone…looking for help again please. Just purchased Rapidcart Pro….I bought the ‘starter’ version have have only now discovered that I cannot preview my fully finished pages in Rapidweaver, I will only be able to see them in all their glory when uploaded! (Apparently if I’d bought the advanced version, this has this ability…pretty disappointed in this, it would seem a rather vital function, grrr…but there we are).

So given this…is there any workaround? The only one I can think of, is to upload them to my present website. The trouble with this, is that it is a working site, and I don’t really want my customers seeing random, unresolved pages popping up!

Can anyone help with this, is this the only workaround, and if so any advice on how to do this?

Thank you.

Not sure of the different versions (starter?) Of RCP, I have it and use it loads, and it always needs to be publishd to view the products. This is fairly standard for plugins that work like RCP does.

So just publish to a demo page and don’t add this page to the site navigation. Then, no one will find it.

thank you

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