Print On Demand Integration

(Andrew) #1

I want to set up a Printful or other similar print on demand account. This requires (as far as I can see) an ecommerce platform such as Shopify. But I’d rather use my own RW site, is this possible? Is there a POD site that I could use if this isn’t possible with Printful?

This is to sell prints, mugs, t-shirts etc. of artwork.


(Doug Bennett) #2

You’re going to need some sort of e-commerce in order to collect money and keep a record of the sale I would think?
Printful Site shows they integrate with ecwid, which also has a free RapidWeaver plug-in.

(Andrew) #3

That looks good - will explore. Thanks.

(R L) #4

@Beeswaxthesecond I’m trying to do the same. Did you have any luck with Ecwid plus Printful combination?