Help! - HTML Stack & center alignment?

(Craig) #1

I’m trying to place my “web form” in the center of my page,
but I can’t figure it out.

www. 3geekz .com

any advice?

thanks in advance!

(scott williams) #2

With just a quick look I would say; you need to add:
margin: auto
width: auto
to your iframe CSS

(Craig) #3

Fantastic! - that worked! … It’s just off by a little bit…

Any suggestions how to get it 100% centered?

(scott williams) #4

Well, if width and margins are both auto then I would say that either there is padding set, or the space is coming from another div that the form is contained in.

(Craig) #5

Thanks Scott! — I’m working on it…
I’m playing around with all the padding & resizing options at MYMAILIT .com
too see if I can get it 100% centered.

(scott williams) #6

here ya go:

(Craig) #7

Cool! Thanks! You “The Man!” :slight_smile:

(Craig) #9

Just one question remaining… What do I look for inside my cPanel Files in order to make that fix? (I’m a NEWB.)

(scott williams) #10

That code comes right from your page, I assume you put it there in one form or another.

You don’t want to be editing your html on the server or it will be out of sync with your RW project.

The change is just CSS so you should be able to target the element and add the new CSS in the page (or site wide) CSS area unless it is within the iframe. I’m away from my computer right now so I can’t actually look.

Which begs the question; Why are you bringing in a form in an iframe to begin with? That is definitely hampering your ability to make changes unless you have control of the page the iframe comes from as well.

(Rob D) #11

Of course, there is also the Center Stack from DeFliGra. You can use its drop-zone to place another stack inside it and position that stack in the center vertically, horizontally, or both. Additionally, it provides some overlays, if you want them.

(Craig) #12

Good morning Scott! (It’,s 6:00 AM here on the West Coast.)

The only reason why I am bringing in a webform, inside of an iframe,
is because that’s all that MY MAIL IT offers. (However, I could send
them an email and ask them if there are any other options available…
but I don’t see any in their back-office / dashboard.)

The reason why I bought MY MAIL IT (MMI) was to save some money.
(After all… Aweber probably has enough Lambo’s, Ferrari’s & Bently’s.)

What I found out after I made my purchase of MMI was,
that MMI is not responsive. (That’s why I was virtually
forced to place the webform/iframe below the image, instead of beside it.

As for changing the CSS: I do not know how to view the CSS inside of my RW project.
(I am brand new to all this stuff, but I’m eager to learn.)

By reviewing the image you posted above, it looks to me that the CSS that we want to target here, is within the iframe.

Please let me know what you think.

best regards,


(Craig) #13

Thank you Rob!
Looks good! – I’ll check it out…
but I want to wait for Scott to review my reply I just posted,
as I’m interested in hearing his thoughts.

best regards,


(Doug Bennett) #14

Sounds like the problem is within the iFrame code. Center stack probably won’t help as Scott gave you the CSS to center the iFrame. That would do same thing as any “centering stack”.
I never herd of my mail it, and can’t find anything as far as help online. In today’s web environment I wouldn’t want to use anything that doesn’t support responsive design.
Don’t know how many subscribers you are expecting, but many services like MailChimp offer free accounts for smaller list (2,000).

If you’re stuck on my mail it would suggest you post the code that they gave you here. Just make sure you mark it as code with the </> above.

(Craig) #15

Hi Doug

You are right! - It looks like the problem is within the iFrame code.
and… “Center Stack” won’t help either. - I just bought it to give it a try.
I created a duplicate page to test it …and it didn’t help. :frowning:

Looks like I’ll have to resort to using Aweber, as I’m not a big fan of Mailchimp.



(Doug Bennett) #16

I don’t have a lot of experience with mail services, but there’s others then Mailchimp or aweber. A couple I’ve herd about:

Never used either but might want to check them out.

(scott williams) #17

I’m a little late to the game today :wink:

As you have discovered it is within the iFrame so you have very limited styling options.
I would absolutely see if they have another way to embed a form. That iFrame will come back to bite you on differing screen sizes. Maybe they have a Javascript form or another option.
You could fiddle with putting things in a 2 column stack or other layout options but alas you won’t ever have “fine” control as long as you are stuck with that iframe.

As Doug @teefers said above, post the code here maybe it can be tweeked to get you there.

Paste the code in then highlight it and click the </> button

(Craig) #18

OK. Thanks Doug.

With Sendinblue, they won’t remove their logo until you rise up to their “Essential Plan.”

With MailerLite, they don’t allow Affiliate Marketers… and yet they have their own Affiliate Program… so, in my opinion, they are hypocrites.

(Craig) #19

Ya’ I’m not a fan of iFrames either because of the “loss of control.”
I’ve already tried fiddling with a 2 column stack and a 3 column stack, but it didn’t help.

Here is the iFrame code MMI gave me to paste into my page:

<iframe src="" style="border:0px; width:303px; height:202px;"></iframe>

(scott williams) #20

Try This:

<iframe src="" style="border:0px; width:auto; height:202px;display:block;margin:auto"></iframe>

(Craig) #21

OK… I’ll give it a shot.