Problem saving projects RW 7.1 and Sierra (SOLVED)

Hi my names Steve and I’m a newbie to this site.
I am using OSX10.12 Rapidweaver 18228b
When I open a new project I get a message cannot find the theme (off-road) when I click on the ok button it seems satisfied. I then try to save it (save as new name) I get this message

My question is which file do I not have permissions for? since I cannot save it I cannot find it in the finder to change its permissions.

RW will let me open an existing project and just save it but if I want to save as I get the same response as above


Probably your RapidWeaver Project. Which name were you giving it… ‘Untitled’ is the default. Could there be an ‘Untitled’ already in the same location… maybe created there by another user?

Could it be that either:

1 - you’re trying to save into a folder in the filesystem for which you do not - as that user - have permissions?
2 - you are working as a user other than that which created the original file etc?

Maybe you’d advise us which user (and is it always the same user?) you are; and into which directory you’re trying to save, please?

Where is the Theme and which permissions does it have (use Cmnd-I) to get its Info and see that?


As it says in the image … could not be saved as “New Project” so yes I was giving it a new name.
I am the admin user and I have been using macs for a long time and have never come across this before, and the directory was my desktop.
The theme is the default Off Road theme which all RW projects seem to start with but that really isn’t the issue, my main problem is the saving Issue I have now discovered that RW 6 does the same thing and this is since I “upgraded” to Sierra.
I tested out most of my software (creating files and saving them) and the saving and permissions problem doesn’t appear with any of them.

So still stumped


ps Permissions can’t be fixed in Sierra OSX 10.12 “The permissions that could be fixed by Repair Permissions can no longer be altered, so there is nothing to repair.”

HI Guys,

Managed it myself, I uninstalled RW and reloaded it all seems fine now.


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