RW8 - can't save, "file is locked"

Hi all,

I’ve seen a few posts about this before, so seems to be somewhat known, and it’s currently happening to me. Basically, if I try to “Save” my project, RW8 tells me I can’t because my file is locked. I’ve checked to see if the “locked” checkbox is enable (it is not) and I’ve done the permissions rebuild thing, which has made no difference.

What I have noticed, however, is that the file I’ve used as my template (which is a purchased template - the HOA theme from in this case) seems to be the only one to do this. I have not gotten too far, so I may just start from scratch and see how it goes.

The built in themes, or the templates for some of the plug ins I’ve purchased seem to save fine so far.

I’d be curious to see what other peoples experiences have been that have been affected by this as I try to figure out how to avoid this for future projects…


Two pointers to possible causes:

1 - referring to repairing permissions, suggests to me that you may be using a very old version of macOS… that operation has long been deemed unnecessary.

2 - under certain circumstances making changes to a RW file outside RW itself can sometimes cause RW to object… it might have detected the changes and want to stop you from compromising the file’s integrity.

What happens if you first make a copy in the Finder of your template file, rename it - again in the Finder - then work with that within RW and see whether you can save without the error.

Finally, could it be that you are saving to a ‘tricky’ location, like iCloud; and/or that some other process is locking the file (Cmnd-I will tell you); and/or that you are using two accounts on the same hardware - you may get a locked error in that case; or that you are moving the file in question in the Finder while otherwise working on it in RW?

Good luck - and let us know how you get on.

1 - I’m on Mojave

2 - I’ll give this a shot and report back.

Thank you,


Zee - Good Luck! We’re here to help if we can :slight_smile:

You really don’t need to repair permissions. In fact it’s not easy to do so in Mojave. You say you did so.

Could you be using some other sort of maintenance tool, like Clean My Mac?

To be clear, I used disk utility and first aid - which appeared to be the way to do it (since as you say the option is not available on Mojave).

After a bit of playing, it does seem that it was something to do with the theme and something I may have done whilst editing. I’ve started from scratch, and it does appear to be saving fine for now. The worst type of issue, of course, because one doesn’t know what one did to trigger it…


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That’s great news, Zee. Well done!

Yes, intermittent faults are the worst, aren’t they.

If it’s working and you avoid some of the usual ‘suspicious’ actions, I bet you’ll be OK. Good luck :slight_smile:

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