Show Photo Titles

I’m new to RW so please excuse my ignorance.

When I put an image from Apples Photos in the Image Stack the title of the images does not appear on the site as it does when I put in on an iWeb site.
How can I get the image title to appear on the RW site?


Information on what I’m using:

iMac 27 running OS 10.10.5
Rapid Weaver: v 6.3.4
Theme: Atlas v 1.1.0
Stacks: don’t know how to tell my version (not 3, be keeps asking me to update to 3 )


Put a Text Stack below the photo stack and input the title. If necessary take a few enters to take the text in the middle



Thanks for the work around. I was hoping there was a one step method.Thanks again.Ron

You can have an image+title stack with the free “Image Caption” stack:
But also in this case you must write the title by hand.