Deep dive in Stacks text editing in RapidWeaver 8

After reading some feedback from @1611mac about editing text in Stacks and RapidWeaver 8 I made a video about some of the changes we made to work with RapidWeaver 8’s great new Simulate

This is NOT a tutorial. It’s more of a deep dive into some of the detailed behavior of one tiny feature of Stacks. If you’re interested in things like that, have a look.


@isaiah this is great, thank you.
Never even noticed, let alone used the edit or done buttons lol.

On a similar note… About copying and pasting stacks/partials from one page to another. Say I want to copy a partial from one page to several other pages. Specifically, I copy a partial from one page, paste it to another page, then I delete the partial above the stack I just pasted. Then I go to a second page, and I want to paste the same partial I first copied again. Sometimes it’s there to paste again, sometimes I have to go copy it again from the first or last page I pasted it to. How does copying/pasting/deleting work from page to page?

And another question… when I switch to a new page, a stack might be selected. If I hit delete, it doesn’t. So is it really not active/selected?

Does that make sense?

thanks, Lisa

Hmmm… that should not be the case. Pasting doesn’t alter what’s on the “clipboard”.

My guess would be that the content is perhaps still ready to be pasted, but that when switching to the new page you click in the page-list sidebar – activating that view. Pasting always goes to the active view.

In other words: maybe you just need to click into the spot you want to paste make sure that Stacks is really the active view in the window.

Same thing… it’s probably really selected, but the active view is the the sidebar (since you just clicked there to switch pages). You need to interact with Stacks by clicking inside the Stacks-part of the window before your keystrokes will affect it.

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Very informative video, thanks for that.
(I thought I was working with a bug).

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