Problem with superforms submit not sending an email

Problem sending a form with Super Forms

I have Super Forms from 1LD.

Problem - not sending the form email when submitted.

I do get an autoreply that the form has been sent but the email never arrives at destination.

I Have tried several different email addresses to send to, always get same result, email not received at destination.

I have emailed 1LD support no response as yet, I really need to get this working ASAP, was wondering of anyone on the forum can assist.

It may be something I have doe/not done, maybe something to do with the A2 hosting – I have gone through info on this page -

Also sent question below A2 hosting in the 1LD web page, above link


I am currently having trouble sending emails via a contact form on my webhost. a) It would appear that everything is working just fine and the mail is sent yet I do not receive an email. OR b) It would appear that the server is unable to send an email from my server using the PHP mail() function.
Would you be able to tell me whether I must do anything specific in order to send an email using your servers. The PHP code relies on sendmail and the standard PHP mail() function and PHP sessions to send the emails.

A2 said they have checked things from their side and say there is nothing they can do to assist, it is a Rapidweaver/Stack problem and I need to discuss with developer.

Many thanks in Advance for your help.

Very dissatisfied and disappointed with lack of any response received from 1LD support.

Despite several attempts at trying to get a response of any description from them no support/response has been forthcoming.

Even with an official support request raised via their support page and receiving a support confirmation ticket.

Hello Tony,

No response, even with support tickets seems to be quite common. I am a novice to web publishing. My first time. I had to cancel my purchase from Little Oak, as they seemed very officious, not answering straight forward questions ( I am still figuring out what all the terminology means, and need help with that).

Anyway, you’re not alone. Many of these people only seem to be interested in making money. Before I paid for the web package, they appeared very helpful. Not so much once I paid.


Have you tried using another contact form to test whether that comes through? You could use the built-in Contact form page type, hide it from the navigation and then try it out. That would help to narrow the issue down and point towards the stack, rather than your host.

A screenshot of your settings may also allow someone here to assist you.

I have had Superforms working on sites in the past without any problems.


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It’s certainly not my experience with 1LD - in fact there have been threads on the forum recently praising their response to queries. Sometimes you just have to be a little patient - which is hard I know when you’re trying to get something done.

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Jonathan, from 1LD has now been in contact via email, have sent him details of the problem and new project with stack included so he can investigate. Hopefully we will have the problem resolved soon.

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