Problem with the banners in Aptenon

I work on a SayDesign theme, “Aptenon”, and RapidW 7. Everything was okay but after the last update of the theme (which has “eaten” all my banners!), I can no longer put my photos! I’ve tried the “drag & drop system” in the Inspector bar’s box. My picture enters but is not responsive!
Can someone help me? Thank you (and sorry for my terrible english)!

Use the SS3 Stack from SeyDesign, as you have Aptenon it will unlock the free demo version automatically and allow you to use it.

Set it for use as freestyle theme banner and add the images you want.

Thanks for the answer!
But SS3 works only with Stack Pages. I use also plugins like Collage o RapidBlog… And also with Stacks, the image of SS3 is always under the banner.