Rapidweaver 7 Not Allowing Me To Import My Own Banners!

Why wont Rapidweaver 7 allow me to import my own costume banners?
When I attempt to use the inspector to override the generic one, the place holder for the costume images reads as follows: “The theme you have selected does not support banner images”.
Now, I’ve tried just about all of the themes I have, even the ones that instructed me to open the inspector and place an image in it to replace the banners that came with the theme and low and behold, none of them work!

Why won’t it allow me to place a costume banner image in place of the original when the instructions of the theme developer say I can?

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance,

I’m no expert at RW, but had a similar need. I don’t know which theme you’re trying to import that banner image into, but I’m using Stream 3.1 (not a RW theme but a developers RW theme I purchased. See it here:
It uses Freestyle Banners, but many other themes don’t. Anyway, looking at the page I linked, check out Freestyle Banners and tell me if this is the type of thing you’re talking about. I can tell you how I solved it in Stream, and it’s possible your theme might be the same.


Hey Paul:
Thanks for the advise and although it wasn’t the answer I was looking for, I was really impressed with Themeflood so, I downloaded a couple of freebees and purchase a theme called Splash. To my surprise, not only did this theme allowed to use my own banner and background, but inspired me so much that i decided to use it my project. Needless to say that I’m very happy my choice and I just want to thank you again for pointing me in the right direction!

Thank you Paul :slight_smile:


e.g. Kiki theme from @yuzool is allowing to use a custom banner, or Voyager theme from @Elixir.

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You’re welcome! Usually it’s me begging for help on simple stuff. Glad I could help someone for a change. Theme Flood’s knowledge base has a lot of great snippets/code, too. Very useful.

@paul4laffs When did you get Stream 3.1? l went to the Themeflood site and don’t see it listed there. From what you posted, I really like this theme. I have Flood and Ocean but Stream offers a Navigation that I like so I’d like to purchase it.

Maybe Will changed the name of this theme???


I do remember seeing that theme before. I have no idea what happened but I’m sure @willwood can answer you! Perhaps it has been “retired”, or changed name, or is due for a big comeback with new features.

It looks like it’s still available from here - https://themeflood.com/stream/


Hi, Mary - Rob is correct. Here is the site where you can get Stream:
It is a very handy theme. Also has support, including a person who will answer your questions via email.

For code and such. Hope this helps.

Thanks guys, I swear when I went to https://themeflood.com this morning, I didn’t see the Stream theme in the listings. I do see it now though. Looks like a good one and I’m surprised that it’s last update was 2014 except that maybe that means it is so good it doesn’t need updating.