Problem with the Ravelry social network icon


When I put the Ravelry social network icon on, I noticed that it was not displayed and that the icon was shifted.
I looked at the code and found the error: there is a typo in Ravelry:

<i class="fa fa-raverly"></i> instead of <i class="fa fa-ravelry"></i>

fa-raverly instead of fa-ravelry

How can I correct it permanently?

Thank you and have a good day.

Hi, you have to give us a lot more information in order being able to help you, like where exactly, and how this is generated.

I work with Foundry and have used Social Badges.
In the Icon drop-down list, I chose Ravelry.
When displayed, the Ravelry logo is not displayed and the icon is shifted upwards compared to the other icons.

Probably a question for @elixir Adam.

Likely a typo in the class name. There’s hundreds of class names I had to type for that drop down list of icons, so it is inevitable that there would be a typo somewhere. I’ll get it fixed in a future version of the stack.

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Thank you Adam

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