Problems with my page

If I ad more than a few changes at a time to my page it won’t save. The little circle just spins around and I have to force quit. It also won’t upload. Basically it won’t do anything and I constantly have to force quit. Page built with stacks and a few collage 2 pages. Any ideas?

Can you send the project to YourHead support for us to have a look at. Also some of the details would be helpful:

macOS version
RapidWeaver Version
And version of all installed plugins

With those things in hand I should be able to give you a better idea of what is causing the problems and help you get it fixed.


Thanks Isaiah. I did work around the problem, whatever it was, by creating a new project and transferring dragging pages over to it. One page, a collage2 plugin, was throwing an error message when I tried to drop it in. I just deleted that page and everything was fine after. That page had been built and untouched for a while though, so no clue why it screwed up all of a sudden.
High Sierra 10.13.6
If it happens again I will send the project over
I appreciate the response

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