RW not Saving when you click save

(gary pullings) #1

I am having an issue where rapid Weaver would not save today. I spend a few hours updating the site and adding about 72 files then hyperlinking them since they were 11 years of new letters, however when i went to save the site it would not save it. I had to duplicate the file and save the duplicated file. Any one else seeing this and is there a way to have RW autosave every x amount of time?

(Brad Halstead) #2

Hi @garyp, the duplicated file should have retained your changes (mine did when I encountered the issue today for the first time - I had modified some pages, did a stack update, made another change (added a page into the menu system) and poof, same issue as you).

I have reported the issue to RapidWaver support via priority support so hopefully will be found and squashed with 6.3.6 update.

Please send dan at realmacsoftware dot com a list of steps you took prior to encountering the issue and if you have the now corrupted original project file, send him that as well (I deleted it prior to contacting support - duh me!)

RapidWeaver -> Preferences -> General Tab

Option to enable autosave and versions (checked is enabled)

Hope that helps.

(gary pullings) #3


Actually I pretty much did the same thing as you. Except after I added a page. I Hyperlinked 11 years worth of monthly news letters, then uploaded and viola.

(Brad Halstead) #4

@garyp, I was advised to send the error report to YourHead (Isaiah) for review, I suggest you should do the same.


(Gary McAlpine) #5

Hi, I have same problem. I’ve used RW since 2006 (version 2?) without this issue. I upgraded to RW6 a few months ago on a 2012 Macbook Pro with Yosemite. I see that RW6 no longer saves automatically before publishing. Is this a universal problem? I have to save manually, however even doing that is no guarantee that the file will save. Saving on close is very dangerous and I also get frequent crashes when republishing all files. I think I’ll try “save as” to be on the safe side until RW sort this out. It’s a great app when it behaves itself but there are lots of fragilities probably due to its requirement for a very high hardware spec.


(Nik Fletcher) #6

The crash when republishing all files will be fixed in a forthcoming release of the Stacks plugin.


Really really really really fed up with crashes
(gary pullings) #7

@nikf is this a RW problem or a Stacks Problem causing this?

(Nik Fletcher) #8

It’s a bit of both, really. The explanation is pretty technical, so I’ll spare the full run-down. However, the fix is one on the Stacks side, to make sure it behaves as RapidWeaver expects.