Updated to 7.1.1 and blog posts are not working

Updated to the new 7.1.1 release and im using the built in blog generator for a website im managing. When the user clicks on the blog post address, my website formatting is lost.


Strange, I had that with 7.1 and turned Consolidate CSS off - but 7.1.1 fixed that problem for me!

I am also experiencing Rapidweaver Version 7.1.1 (18323) crashing when I attempt to preview my RapidBlog page, I have not uploaded it to the www to test it. I hope a resolution is found quickly.

Hi @glennyboi1 ,

I’ve just had a look at your site and it appears to be rendering fine, did republishing with 7.1.1 fix the issue for you?


Hi Dan,

I followed another users feedback to untick the consolidate CSS file option. This worked for me

Hi @glennyboi1 could you send your project file to support@realmacsoftware.com and mention this thread.

Would be great to have the project so we can see exactly what is going on and fix it!!!