Problems with Styled Text Page

I am trying to insert a list of my 460 publications into a page using the Styled Text page. The list looks good in edit view but when I switch to Preview at various places 1 to 4 references are missing, many times. I have very, very carefully checked to see if the format is different in those that do not load versus those that do. This is not the problem. I spent 3 hours trying to figure this out and it keeps happening. HELP!!! Is Preview simply overloaded with long lists?
David Comings 626-622-4978

Have you got a published URL that we can look at?


make sure that you paste in the list without any styles. sometimes lists and things coming from other apps have styles that don’t work well on the web.

Choose Edit > Past as Plain Text
or Command+Option+V

Also: did you realize you’re posting your email and telephone number to the forum? it’s probably not the best idea to post those things anywhere public on the internet. although hackers can probably find that info anyway – best not to make their job any easier. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the tips. The entire list used the same text style yet some refs posted in review, some did not. I will try the whole list with plain text.

I switched to plain text and it WORKED!!! Thank you.


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