Problems with uploading

Since a few days, my provider has installed the PLESK environment as a system. Now the upload keeps going wrong. First I had to connect via SFTP and now via FTPS. The connection works both via test and via browse, but when I do an upload it goes wrong after a few moments and I get an error message “the server Amy be out of disk space”.
Do I do an “Export site” and then a manual upload of all folders, then it does work and I get no message.
Anyone have an idea what it could be due to?

Hi @Novioplan,

We generally recommend SFTP over FTPS. If your hosting provider offers SFTP use that one.

Who is your web hosting provider?

Regarding why the upload is not working, we’d need to see some logs. Follow our guide here to send those logs over to us so we can take a look.

Hello Dan,

Our Hosting provider is Mijndomein in the Netherlands. But when I use SFTP I can’t make any connection with the provider.

Kind Regards

I am using Mijndomein as well. Connecting through FTPS though. Remember there was a problem with their server’s certificate which seemed to have expired, and had to tell MacOS to trust it always.

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Thank you Paul,
I saw the certificate warning also today. Will see if this solve the problem


That’s because you are not using the correct port. Looks like your web host uses the default port 22 for SSH/SFTP. So in the server field in RapidWeaver you’d maybe enter:

I don’t know if the server, username and password would be the same for SFTP, you’d have to check with Mijndomein, but they have a YouTube video that might help:

You don’t have to use FileZilla, you should be able to enter the same settings (server, username, password) in RapidWeaver and it would work.

Let us know how it goes.

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That seems troubling :grimacing:, I wouldn’t recommend trusting an expired certificate, and as a web hosting provider they should be making sure their certificates are updated and valid.

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