How do I request help for Publishing and FTP issues?

If you are having troubles publishing your website, we recommend checking out our How to fix Publishing Issues guide as 99% of the time it helps to clear up any publishing related issues.

The next step is to search the forums to see if anybody else has experienced the same issue and resolved it. If you can’t locate an existing post that’s similar to your issue, feel free to make a new one with the necessary details such as which version of RapidWeaver and macOS are you using, who is your web hosting provider, and what is the exact error that you are seeing when trying to publish your website (screenshots or a screen recording helps).

If you are still having troubles publishing your website after completing the above steps and need us to take a closer look, we will ask you for your Support Log to help troubleshoot. Below are the steps to take to get that Support Log successfully sent over to us.

Step 1: Enable Upload Logging

The first step is to make sure Upload Logging is enabled. You can do this by clicking the RapidWeaver menu >> click Settings… >> select Publishing from the Preferences window >> check the box Enable Upload Logging.

Step 2: Clear the current Support Log

RapidWeaver logs various information in the Support Log as the app is being used in order to help troubleshoot issues. As such the Support Log can grow in size over time, making it a bit unwieldy to browse through. We recommend clearing the existing Support Log first in order to start with a fresh copy. In order to clear the existing Support Log click on the Help menu >> select Troubleshooting >> click Clear Support Logs.

Step 3: Try to publish your site

Now that you have a clean Support Log, attempt to publish your site by clicking on the drop down arrow next to the Publish button in RapidWeaver’s Toolbar, then selecting Re-Publish All Files.

Step 4: Send us that Support Log

If the publishing process fails, or you encounter an error during the process, this will now be logged in the Support Log. There are two ways to get that Support Log over to us to take a look at. First, RapidWeaver should automatically prompt you to send us the upload logs if the publishing process fails or receives an error. You can simply click on the “Send Upload Logs” button in the publishing window to automatically send us this report.

If RapidWeaver does not display the option to automatically send us the upload logs, or you accidentally skip through the prompt, you can click on the Help menu >> select Troubleshooting >> click Copy Support Logs. You will be prompted to download a copy of the Support Log to your Mac as a text (.txt) file, which you can then send to us via email at so we can review it for any errors.

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