Target Stack compatible with Foundation?

I can’t seen to get Joe Workman’s Target stack working in Foundation. I need some text over an image but ‘relevant to parent’ behaves like ‘relative to body’. Any ideas? Thanks

If you download the demo project file for Foundation here:
He uses Target a lot in that project file. Would need to see what you are doing to see why it is not working.

No problem - I’ll do that and get back later. Thanks

Why don’t you try Sections Pro?

Not used before and don’t have the time to plough through it on this project. It’s clear BWD does great work but his stacks can be inpenetrable if you don’t have a lot of time!

There are more demos for it than target. Plus I can’t remember the last time target was updated.
But… up to you.

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Also BWD’s BluePrintONE will very likely do what you want and is about as simple as a positioning stack can be. As with all BWD stuff there is excellent help and demo projects.

Alternatively S4S has a simple free positioning stack that may do what you want.

However, all form of web positioning demand a degree of basic positioning knowledge and a brief read of the basics would be time well spent. You will also be surprised how a only few lines of code is needed to do what you want.

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One thing after re-reading this thread, is the image in a 1 column stack? Target does not think of an image as a parent, so you would need to put it in a 1 column stack.

sounds like this will do the trick! I’m very new to Foundation and rather foolishly my first Foundation project is a big one with a very tight deadline - scrabbling in the dark to some extent! Will try this

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Let me know how it goes!