Rapid weaver 6 files and application disappeared - folders still there

HELP - I have 3 RW 6 website files which have all disappeared as has the RW6 application this may have been after I upgraded to El Capitan. The RW6 folders are still there - but no files? whats going on - I need to work on the websites but can’t do anything.


RE: Projects
Projects disappeared as in how? Not in recent items - this is normal with OS upgrade (in my experience), you need to navigate manually to the project files using the Open Existing…

You can typically find them by doing a finder search for *.rw6

If they are not there then I hope you have a time machine backup of them or a copy of them elsewhere.

RE: RapidWeaver
This has not been my experience. My experience with the El Capitan update is you will need a few reboots of the Mac for everything to settle down as well as allow it time to index your HDD, etc. If you still can’t get RapidWeaver running, you can reinstall it by downloading from here.

Hope that helps

Hi Brad, thanks for replying. Before posting I searched in all the way i know how to find the RW6 files, and the RW6 application - (I could find all the older RW5 files and application). As I said the RW6 Folders were there (as I checked the previews and they were the latest versions). Anyway I re-downloaded RW6 from your link, and the files appeared under “Open”. However even though I just downloaded RW6 it still doesn’t appear under Applications - (RW5 is in there). So where is the RW6 application kept?


RE: RW6, by chance, is it in your downloads folder as an APP or as a ZIP? if an APP It should be dragged to your Applications folder to function properly (only applies if you have auto unarchive enabled), but worth a check anyway. if a zip, it needs to be decompressed and dragged to the applications folder.

EDIT: that’s if you downloaded using Safari, if you downloaded using a different browser, check the default download folder for that browser…

Edit 2: not sure by what you say here (do you mean the exported sites?):

As I said the RW6 Folders were there (as I checked the previews and they were the latest versions)

Did that help?

Hi Brad, yes the application was in the downloads folder I should have thought of that. Well now that the application is there again the"folders" have disappeared and are replaced by the .rw6 files

I know nothing of programming but Im guessing when you don’t have the application available it shows website as collection of stuff in a folder instead of the .rw6 file

So all good I hope. I do still have a lot of issues with RW, mainly taking multiple re-loads to make pages appear as they do in the application. But at least I have the files back now, so thanks.

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Yes @lee, folders and .rw6 files

So happy you got it all sorted out (mostly).

Like I said though, you may have to restart your Mac a few times after upgrading to El Capitan (Are you on 10.11.4?)

Or just walk away from it for the night and have a go at it tomorrow giving the OS time to catch up with the install.