Publish settings RW 7.0.2 - GoDaddy server

I’ve spent the afternoon working on a test site. I cannot determine the correct information to put into the Publishing fields. Attached are 3 screen shots illustrating the RW Publishing page with my recent attempts. Also two screen shots from my GoDaddy account. I keep getting a cannot connect message. Four hours later and 3 calls to GoDaddy tech. I’m stuck!
I seem to have tried every combination of entries into the fields.

Hi southoftheslot, I had the same problem with RW 6 and GoDaddy.
While this is not the exact solution to your question, I found a workaround to at least get my site up and running.
I just publish my site to a folder on my computer and then use FileZilla to FTP that folder to the public_html folder on the GoDaddy server. The GoDaddy help has the settings you need for FileZilla.
Haven’t tried using RW7 as yet to publish my site.

Username shouldn’t need forward slash or “home”


Your username is incorrect. It shouldn’t have /home/ in it. Also your publishing path should point to the public_html folder. In this case /home/username/public_html/


SUCCESS! – As warp10 suggested, I published to a folder on my desktop. Tada. That worked just fine. Next launched FileZilla – and faced the confusion as what is my GoDaddy User name?? The GoDaddy tech talked me through everything and it turned out I had been using the wrong password for my GoDaddy account. :weary:
The tech talked me through publishing via FileZilla and everything published from my desktop folder.
Lastly I went back to RW publish settings and entered the correct info. Shazam! All is working. Thanks to everyone for your assistance.
Screen grabs show the success story.