Publish settings RW 7.0.2 - GoDaddy server

(Michael McNamee) #1

I’ve spent the afternoon working on a test site. I cannot determine the correct information to put into the Publishing fields. Attached are 3 screen shots illustrating the RW Publishing page with my recent attempts. Also two screen shots from my GoDaddy account. I keep getting a cannot connect message. Four hours later and 3 calls to GoDaddy tech. I’m stuck!
I seem to have tried every combination of entries into the fields.

(Herbert) #2

Hi southoftheslot, I had the same problem with RW 6 and GoDaddy.
While this is not the exact solution to your question, I found a workaround to at least get my site up and running.
I just publish my site to a folder on my computer and then use FileZilla to FTP that folder to the public_html folder on the GoDaddy server. The GoDaddy help has the settings you need for FileZilla.
Haven’t tried using RW7 as yet to publish my site.

(Christopher Watson) #3

Username shouldn’t need forward slash or “home”

(Gregory Barchard) #4


Your username is incorrect. It shouldn’t have /home/ in it. Also your publishing path should point to the public_html folder. In this case /home/username/public_html/


(Michael McNamee) #5

SUCCESS! – As warp10 suggested, I published to a folder on my desktop. Tada. That worked just fine. Next launched FileZilla – and faced the confusion as what is my GoDaddy User name?? The GoDaddy tech talked me through everything and it turned out I had been using the wrong password for my GoDaddy account. :weary:
The tech talked me through publishing via FileZilla and everything published from my desktop folder.
Lastly I went back to RW publish settings and entered the correct info. Shazam! All is working. Thanks to everyone for your assistance.
Screen grabs show the success story.