If you don't know about Single Page publishing you should

Over in another discussion I mentioned “Single Page” publishing and found that there are RW users who don’t know about this feature. If you have the need to publish just a single page just right click on the page in the left hand page panel. You will have the option to “PUBLISH” which will publish (upload) the single page only. If this page has sub-pages you will be presented the option to publish only the single page, or, the single page with it’s sub-pages.

It is my understanding that “single page” publishing does not use any aspect of “smart” publishing. It will upload the page with all required files each time you publish.

Of course, if you have made any change to your page that affects other pages (such as Menu itmes) they will NOT be published so you must understand what your page changes are affecting. However, rather that use smart publishing I will use single page publishing to publish entire “sections” of my site. For example, all my store pages are sub-pages of my “Store” page, thus I can select “Store” as a “single page publish” and ALL my store subpages (my whole store) will publish.

I almost exclusively use single page publishing. If I need to re-publish my entire site I then defer to a site export to local folder and then upload via ftp.

I post this because a couple of RW users didn’t know about the feature and they said that they like it…

This works great for me… your experience may vary.


“Best tip of 2017” award.

I wouldn’t be sure about that. I have seen occasions where single page publishing also only updates files affected since last edit (especially for Stacks pages).

@1611mac, @webdeer, @instacks – I have known about “single page publishing” for ages. This is nice, however, I am wondering what happens to the rw_common folder in such case.

Does RW generate a single page with rw_common folder only for that single page, or for the entire site? If the latter is the case then all is good, but if the former is the case then I still need to publish the entire site, so that the rw_common folder can be used for the entire site?

When you publish nothing is deleted from the rw_common folder. It merely adds or overwrites appropriate files. I’ve used single page publishing for years on a 1600 page site and had nothing but great success. No problems what-so-ever. In fact, for me, single page publishing works much, much better than does relying on smart publishing.

That’s my experience… your’s may vary… I’m merely pointing out that it’s there and it works beautifully for me.

So, @1611mac, let me be clear – you are publishing single pages directly to your server, or locally to your hard drive?

I do both and both work fine.

Well, I only do local export of single pages. In my case, the rw_common folder is generated only for those single pages. Its size is 8.2 MB, while the size of rw_common folder generated for the entire site is 31.7 MB.

So, obviously, if I do local export of a single page, I can not use the rw_common folder that is generated with a single page. Therefore, I still need to export the entire site – to get a usable rw_common folder? Am I missing something?

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When you publish a page the files are ADDED TO the files already in the common folder. An upload whether from RW or FTP app doesn’t delete anything already in the common folder. Yes, you can ftp the single page as long as your ftp app is configured properly and it’s not doing anything “strange.” I have Yummy configured so that I can click a folder to upload and it uploads the files in that folder to the same folder on the server. It doesn’t delete the folder and then add the folder and files… it adds the files in the folder to the same folder on the server.

That’s the part I was missing: synchronizing files in FTP app. Thanks, Greg.

I’ve just recorded a quick intro video for publishing individual pages. Watch it below, or on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf1mY99VNbI

Happy Weaving :slight_smile:


@ben so what happens if I have resources that have been updated and referenced from a page. How do I update the page and the resources without updating the whole site?

Resources are shared across all pages, so updating a resource would update it across you entire site.

Thanks Ben but I have never found a way to update a resource on its own. Only way I can see is a total site update. Please educate me if I’m wrong as a complete update is generally hundreds of files just to update one resource file.


Just using single page publish should upload all affected resources. Seems to work for me fine. If you don’t have a single page to publish (and it does not have to have been modified) then you would need to upload the modified resource via an ftp client. Maybe RW needs a “publish resource” option similar to the “Publish Page” option.

Thanks @wirrah. Annoying as sometimes I only want to update a resource and can’t see a way to publish it on it own.
Maybe be something @dan might like to look at for future releases.

btw, I only use resources because I use Doobox’s True Download stack and it only points to resources and not directly at files on the server.

Hi @Lance,

I use that stack also, but I link to a file on my host, not a resource within the project.

This is from Doobox’s site “This opens Rapidweavers links panel where you provide a link to a downloadable file type that exists anywhere on the web, or inside your Rapidweaver resources folder.”

I maintain a 1500 page site that includes over 75 free eBooks (pdf, mobi, epub) , free video downloads, etc… In years of using RW I have never once used the “Resource” folder… I simply upload resources to my server via ftp and then link to it on the RW page. This is my preference. I just don’t see nor understand the need to handle resources from within RW.

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Thanks @NeilUK but that’s version 2.
I have the original version and a hover over the “Resource Name” field in the inspector states “it must reside in your resources folder…”
Can’t see an upgrade path and I’m not prepared to pay again for the new version.

So I’m stuck with resources if I use the True Download stack.

I’ve tried and tried and…
Since RW7 I can’t publish a single file, it ALWAYS publish ALL pages.
I’ve tried CTRL-click, ALT-click, CMD-click on the page panel - allways uploading EVERYTHING