RW7 marks everything for export when I add one new page

I have a simple web site: no Stacks, just one “main page” with links to subordinate pages. Each day I add a new page (photo album) and update the main page with a link to the new page. Only the new page (and associated images) and the updated main page need to be published. However, as soon as I add the new page, RW marks ALL pages with the blue dot. Then when I hit “Publish”, RW first goes through and “exports” all pages, before it publishes the small number of pages which actually need to be uploaded to my web host. As the number of pages increases, this is becoming a real time-waster! I have RTFM and see that “export” has been replaced by “local publishing”…which doesn’t really answer my question. I only have one (FTP) publishing destination for my site, no local publishing. What’s going on here - Is there any way to turn off this behavior?

Yes, what you are experiencing is completely expected behavior. You may want to change your web development strategy.

… when you add a new page it changes the menu navigation (whether you show it or not). And the menu navigation impacts all pages.

… or put differently, when you add a page you are changing the site’s structure. Anything that does that will result in all pages being published.

What is being published from those older pages should be the very lightweight info/update to navigation/structure. It’s not like it’s a complete republish. But if you are adding a page a day … it will get tiresome soon.

In the moment you add a new page, you change the menu structure of your whole project. Even though you might not want the new page to be shown in the navigation, all pages will be marked as “changed”.

Mathew was faster :slight_smile:


Thanks for your responses. I think I see what is happening now. Just to clarify, I’m trying to understand what RW means by “export” as opposed to “publish”. In my mind, “publish” means "take a file from my project and FTP it to the web host. I only expect that to happen for new/changed files, and that is indeed what happens - not ALL files are being published. But before the “publish” action, it passes through the project and “exports” all files and I’m trying to figure out what that means. I noticed today that one of the files being published was “sitemap.xml”, so maybe “export” involves generating that file? Even though I am not displaying a sitemap page or using any menu navigation in this simple toy web page, it must be part of the RW “framework” - I think that is what I hear both of you saying. At any rate, I feel Realmac could do a better job explaining what this term means…

I think you understand all this well enough. And, yes, RM could do a better job in terms of terminology. In RW6 there were very distinct export (i.e. export to your disk) and publish indicators. The two seem to have been merged into one process. (BTW, under the hood they may have always been together, but the user would not see both descriptors in one process.)