Sync or Clean Publish After Upgrade?

Since importing a project into 7 from 6 marks all ages as changed, when republishing via FYP (Transmit) do you need to do a complete republish or will syncing still work?

It sounds as if you publish to a local folder and then use Transmit to sync folders. If that is the case, I expect that to still work. But it is not clear to me what you’re current process is. All pages are marked as changed and publishing should be equivalent to publishing all but, as we know, RW does not delete any unused files/folders, which is why a clean publish is desirable. Note: the size of the unneeded files may be small enough that the time and risk involved in deleting files may be negligible.

If by Clean Publish, you mean delete all of the files from the web root, and publish all, then that is a bit more complicated. If your site has folders that are not managed by RW then extra care is required to ensure that those folders/files are not deleted.

Here’s what I do for a clean install.

  1. Mount the ftp site as a disk via Transmit.
  2. Make a backup by copying the site root folder either to another folder outside the web root or sync-ing locally to a backup folder.
  3. Publish all
  4. Examine the files and folders with modified dates that are not current, i.e. the date/time published. I delete any files/folders that I’m certain are part of the RW site and then publish all again just to be sure I haven’t deleted something I shouldn’t have.