Blog plug-in crashes during the publishing process?!

I moved to a Mac Mini, didn’t take over the projects directly because I wanted a clean install. The project is a homepage where I use the blog Plug In for podcasting.
I copied the project from an external hard drive to the MacMini.
Everything is okay, only the 160 mp3 files that are now on an external hard drive I had to re-enter. But the blog page cannot be published (all other pages can).
It looks like the blog plug-in crashes during the publishing process.

I need help from the specialists, please

RW Version 8.9.1 (20881)

You’ll need to give us some more information to get help.

You said “crash”, what exactly happens? Does RW abort and give you a crash report or does something else happen?

Have you tried publishing to a local folder?

This window closes after approx. 3 sek. No error message!!
The same with export to local Folder

So RapidWeaver doesn’t crash, or freeze up that you have to force quit?

It just stops publishing mid publishing right?

And you’re not getting any error messages on startup of RapidWeaver, like unlinked resources?

So my next step would be to take a log at the log files. This article explains how to turn on logging. You can also clear the logs and check the logs from the help menu.

I’m thinking that something didn’t come across when you did the clean install on the new Mac. Since it’s happening on the built-in blog plugin it might be difficult to find.

The logs might give a clue to what’s not working.

The only thing I would do is to try and preview each blog post and see if anything doesn’t look right.

Thanks for your help, but on the blog Page the window closes with out showing the “send upload logs”?? Works with all other pages of this project!

Under help there’s options for the log.

Thanks, I found and used the logs!
For me it looks like RW does not find or forgets the .mp3 files or the path to them on the external hard drive. I have reassigned the file specified here two times. If I want to publish then he does not find another mp3 file, although they have really all been reassigned, if I reassign it, he cannot find another mp3 file etc. etc (see log 2). The data is on an SSD with Thunderbolt ™ 3 and is directly connected to the macMini M1. I don’t know what to do next and have already spent countless hours solving the problem. What’s wrong with that?

Not sure if I understand what you mean when you say “I have reassigned”, where and how did you reassigned the files?

Are you able to just save (cmd+s) the project file without errors?

Just looking at the log list it looks like it’s going down on the save that automatically happens at the beginning of publishing. It appears to be happening on multiple files.

I don’t use the built-in blog, so I don’t know much about it. How did you put the mp3s onto the page?

Very simple-> Add Podcast->Choose!

Maybe @dan can help.

I have already sent the project file to support, but have not yet received a response

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How did you reassign?


Also, under the advanced setting is the option set to copy the resources into the document?

And is this an older project that was started with a prior version of Rapidweaver (rw6, rw7, etc, ) and converted to rw8?

Remove the File and Choose it again.


I know, but want not to ad 160 mp3 files ( 5,09 GB) to the document

Yes starts starts 2012 with Rapid Weaver 6

Thank you for taking the time to help me!


Hi Frank (@UltimateJim),

I don’t know a lot about the built-in blog plugin; I use stacks for about everything.

@dan or @tpbradley might help you out more with this, but since the problem seems to be with linking to files on your Mac, the project file might be of much help.

Since It sounds like you have quite an extensive collection of podcasts (160 files 5+GB), I would probably start managing these outside of RW.
Since it sounds like you will need to re-link all these anyway, I would put them on the server manually and then link to them directly to the files within the Podcast settings.
There are several ways to handle that. The easiest would be to use a standalone FTP app like Transmit (Paid), or FileZilla (free version).

Set up a directory on your server and call it whatever you want (Lowercase letters, numbers and -). For this example, I will use a directory called /podcast/. I’d put the directory right of your home directory just to keep it simple.

Then use the FTP app to upload your 160+ podcast files to that directory.

Once you have the files uploaded, then comes the tedious part. Go through the blog and on each podcast select the Custom RSS Tags, click the override button and place an URL to the podcast file you just uploaded.

So in this example the podcast file name file_example_MP3.mp3 and it lives in a directory of podcast so with a website address of the URL would be


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Hello Doug @teefers
Yes, your suggestion would be a solution.
Before I start working with 160 mp3 files, I would like to wait for the answer from support. I hope it doesn’t turn out that the whole file or the blog page is broken.

After the support made the same suggestion, I changed everything in hours of work. Unfortunately, that didn’t solve the problem. Only the blog page ends the publishing process without warning.
I have now again provided the support with the log files, the project file and a screen recording.

If the problem is not resolved, I involuntarily have to end the project.

Did you try to create a test user account on your Mac and export from there?

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately there is no change and the publishing process is aborted without warning. By the way, I don’t have these problems with Poster2. If it wasn’t so much work and if the RSS feed address were also to be changed, I would switch to poster 2.

You could adapt them with a htaccess redirect I suppose.

@Aaron No news about my problem?
It would be nice if I didn’t have to finish this project because you can’t find the error.
I have made everything available to you (log files, project file, screen recording)

The problem is that not only does RW not publish it, nor does it export, and the export also terminates without warning. The support couldn’t help me until now, very sad.
I’ve been using RW since version 4, and the project has been running since 2012.
It’s a shame that I have to end it because of an error that cannot be found by support!
The help from the forum was always great, which is why I didn’t have to use the support in most cases. For that “Thank you very much”

@Aaron and again 8 days have passed without a reply since my last email!