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Publishing fails. All the time. Rapidweaver takes its time to export the project, then starts to publish, and when it comes down to the last few files, after a loooong time, it fails! Then I have to try to publish again, and the same process repeats all over from the beginning! This way, it takes hours upon hours to publish a project, if ever, something that should only take a minute. No resolution from ReamMac after so many software updates.

Reducing uploading speed makes no difference. Exporting is an absolute mess. It takes a lot more time to export and upload via FTP, I do not get a confirmation that all files were exported OK, and using my FTP app to upload I get cryptic errors and the process eventually fails, completely messing up my project. I am at my wit’s end.

This has completely killed my productivity. Extremely frustrating!


Sounds like the problem is with your host then not RW.

I knew someone would reply pointing to my host. You may have a valid point, but I had the same issue with a different host not long ago. I do not believe it is a host issue.


If you’re familiar with FTP - make a folder on your Mac, fill it with a selection of text docs and images then try uploading that to your root - if it uploads with no problem you have an RW problem, if it doesn’t upload without errors it’s a host problem.

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I’ll try that.

It is interesting to note, however, that the problem happens with Weaverpix pages mostly. If I publish Rapidweaver pages other than Weaverpix, publishing usually works.

I am currently uploading my project painstakingly one page at a time, and it seems to work. I avoid uploading Weaverpix pages, since all except one, have seen no changes.

Definitely try FTP. Some folks always export their website and then upload via an FTP such as Transmit, Forklift, and/or several other options.

Your publishing settings can also make quite a difference.

Sometimes changing from 6 - Lightening Fast! to 2 or 3 helps. Oddly enough, sometimes going the opposite direction can help.

And, of course, try changing modes. I always use Extended Passive as that works best with my host. But Passive or Active may work better for you.

I don’t think there’s anything particular about Weaverpix that should cause a problem: except that you are typically uploading more files and bigger files. Which, in turn, suggests that tweaking the “mode” may be quite helpful, plus tweaking connection speed.

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My experience using Cyberduck (FTP) was abysmal.

First, the entire process is much, much slower.
Second, I get cryptic errors in the uploading process, without any indication on whether a file failed to upload or not.
Third, The process, much like with Rapidweaver, takes its time processing and uploading all files, and only in the last few moments presents yet another cryptic error to the effect that the upload failed, corrupting my website.

It sounds like your project contains erroneous code that makes publishing and exporting impossible. I would definitely try the standard troubleshooting process (temporary elimination of pages, stacks and—above all—custom code snippets, if you added any).


You’ve got a very strange situation. There’s definitely a problem somewhere. I’m not even positive it’s RW related.

How big is your RW project file? Are you drag/dropping images, videos, audio into it?

There are no snippets in the project file. It’s just text, images, and a contact form. Exporting does work. it is uploading that is problematic, either by Rapidweaver or by Cyberduck.

Incidentally, I managed to upload the project by publishing the pages one by one. Only one page failed to publish the first time, but did so the second time.

It’s a 112MB project file.

This project was created on Rapidweaver 5 about two years ago, and has been moved to Rapidweaver 7 and updated often. It contains mainly stacks pages with text and photo albums (all inline) using Weaverpix or Montage, plus one Formloom 3 contact form and a SiteMap Plus. No video/audio.

You’ve probably already made sure that the text does not include any external styling?

Other than that, I would quit RW, power off your Mac and try again. And make sure that all your addons are up-to-date.

Yes, no special styling, just what the theme supplies.

In the process of working on the project file, today alone I quit Rapidweaver four times and started over. I get artifacts and weird behavior on Weavepix pages all the time, so I am forced to quit Rapidweaver and start over to eliminate these bugs.

112 Mb is a pretty darn large project. For example, I have about 50 pages in a current website. Total size: 20 Mb.

So … either you have a super large website (200+ pages)
Or … you have some big images stored within RW

Can you share about how many pages you have? That might narrow down the problem.

My guess right now is twofold:

  1. you have 1 or more very large images that are the source of the slow uploads and the bottleneck
  2. you have 1 ore more images that aren’t not really big, but there’s something about them that makes them a problem (incorrect extension, or a PSD document, and some other possibilities)

OTOH if your website really does have 200-300 pages then the problem may lay elsewhere.

This particular project has 45, mostly Stacks pages. Most subpages are Weaverpix pages, one Formloom 3, one PlusKit, one SiteMap Plus. All images are JPEGs, optimized via Squash at 70%. All add-ons are up to date. File extensions are either .html or .php.

I don’t believe there is anything wrong with my project per se. It’s got to be Rapidweaver’s persistent inability to handle publishing properly. There are [unsolved] problems from Rapidweaver 5 still haunting me. Rapidweaver 7 publishing has been an unmitigated disaster from day one, seriously undermining my productivity and hurting my reputation and my income, not to mention my health.

Yes, RapidWeaver has had some publishing issues over time. But it’s gotten much much better.

… that said I warehouse all images and audio. (All video is via Vimeo or YouTube.) Warehousing has many benefits, but one is certainly that it can avoid RW having to upload a bunch of images several times. I’m paying special attention to what you wrote earlier about Cyberduck also taking a long time and having problems. That indicates the issue is not just with RW.

If I had a 45 page site that is about 20 Mb, and your similar site is 112 Mb, then I’m estimating you have about 90 Mb of images in that project file. That certainly could be the cause of the hiccups. And certainly the cause of slow uploads over time. If you warehouse your images you only need to upload them once! Instead you are essentially uploading your images multiple times (somes as a whole, sometimes as subsets). At the least that will take a long time. For example, I can republish my entire site in less than 5 minutes (max) on a very modestly speeded internet connection.

If you don’t want to slowly transition to warehousing then … you may want to take a deeper look inside your RW project to make sure there aren’t any overly large images, or things like images without proper extensions. To do this be careful. First, duplicate a project file. Move somewhere else on your hard drive. Then right click on the project and select “show package contents”. Now you’ll see the insides of your project. Start looking for your biggest folders within that and checking them. See if all the listed images (they’ll have transformed names from the original) all have proper extensions (.jpg or .png) and check their sizes. This is boring, and will take some time, but if you find just 1 or 2 “bad apples” then it may point to the source of the publication problems. A bad apple could be a 7 Mb image (despite what you think, it’s always possible there’s some “old” image that was overly large from being added a long time ago).

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That should not be happening, is it only on WeaverPix pages that are giving you the “weird behavior” and causing you to force quit RapidWeaver? Are you using the latest version of WeaverPix? Have you contacted WeaverPix support about this?
You’ve said that you also have the same publishing issues with a separate FTP client (cyber duck) that does make me think it’s not a RapidWeaver publishing issue but perhaps what something else.
One other thing that you might want to try is to change your publishing protocol from FTP to SFTP. Most host should support SFTP, and it’s a lot more reliable, secure and newer than FTP.
FTP requires a lot more “handshaking” then SFTP does and that creates a lot more points to fail.
In addition FTP is very old(predates the internet) and has horrible security, your users name and password are sent in the clear so they can easily be sniffed and hacked.

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