Publishing Insists upon republishing all 5143 pages!

RW 8.3.3 MacOs 11.2.2 - I yesterday republished all my blog files, which took well over an hour. Now the Publish function seems to have stuck itself on Publish All Files. I know that in RW7, a PublishPage function existed, but I cannot find that function in RW8. Is it gone? How do I reset the Publish function so it just publishes changes? Thanks.

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Right click on page then

Right click the individual page you want to publish. Feature is there.

5143 pages is a hell of a lot!

Thanks for the advice. This function was very well hidden, indeed. Who right-clicks on a Mac? Anyway, I did as you suggested and RW started updating 4159 files. It seems that the mass update function’s somehow stuck in the on position whether I use the Publish button or the Easter Egg right-click Publish Page function.

How many pages is your project file…seems very large!!

@PureSchmaltz Lots of folks right-click on a Mac. It’s really not an Easter Egg. This is true across apps. For example, in most apps if you right-click on the toolbar you get an option to customize the toolbar! Pretty nice!

Of course this doesn’t solve your problem right now. But right-clicking is standard now on the Mac.


Not necessarily. Sometimes a theme or framework gets an update and you will see a lot of files updating even for only one page…

I’m uncertain how many pages the project file holds. I only get counts when I update. It’s somewhere north of 5100, I suspect. I have nothing to compare it to, so it seems normal to me.

News to me. Guess I’d better brush up. I prefer to use pulldowns because I can never seem to remember the Buckies.

@PureSchmaltz Sure I understand. I think the issue, as time went on, was how to provide extra options without overloading the UI of the app. And once right clicking became more popular, also some common commands were added as right-clickable so folks had an option.

It’s not a big deal either way, and I understand your preference. But right-clicking, over time, has become a mainstay in some apps … especially for accessing relatively uncommon commands.

Not files….how many pages do you have in your RW project?

I have four pages.

The difficulty with Right Clicking being that one might never suspect their presence unless they just happen upon them or some thoughtful user like you clued them in. Thanks.

A url to your site might help! Thanks, Joe.

Joe: New information. I had to make an edit after the first lengthy upload this morning and I used the Publish Page function to initiate it. It dutifully loaded 4158 files for uploading, but rather than utilize all six (lighteningFast!) uploading channels, it only used one at a time. The rest showed a Starting Operation message and didn’t do anything else. So, the second upload has taken considerably longer and might actually be done someday. It makes sense that Publish Page would only open one channel if only it would enqueue just one page. I tried the Review Page function which appears just above the Publish Page link, and that seems to work. The page it displayed, of course, included all my thousands of files, or previews to them. Day before yesterday, though, Publish defaulted to Publish Changes.

@PureSchmaltz David,

A single page in RW can comprise thousands of files depending on what’s on the page. Even a blank page with nothing on it will at minimum generate 4 files. Web fonts, images, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Media, etc., etc. all create individual files. So when you say Republishing a single page loads 4158 files, depending on the type of page and what’s on it that might not mean that RW is trying to publish other pages.

Just don’t confuse pages and files when we are talking publishing. Looking at your site it looks like most of the content is using the built-in Blog page with what might be hundreds if not thousands of posts going back over 15 years. I have little experience with the built-in blog, but if that is the single page you are trying to publish then it might take a long time depending on the upload speed you have and the number and sizes of images that are contained in the blog.

As for the number of connections (6 Lighting Fast) and the “Starting Operation message”, this has nothing to do with publishing a single page or republishing all files. There is something going wrong with either the host side or RW side of publishing. The only way to tell what has gone wrong would be to have a look at the publishing logs. You can have a look here at this RapidWeaver knowledge base Article on How to fix Publishing issues.
How to fix Publishing issues | RapidWeaver knowledge base (

By the way, the Right-click functions on the Mac predate the two-button mouse. It used to be call ⌃Cntl-click. You can still use ⌃Cntl with the left-click and the menu pops-up.

Thank you, Doug. I’ll take a look.

Thank you again, Doug. I have probably experienced every difficulty that knowledge base article describes, but this issue isn’t any one of those. I might know more than I think I do about how updates work for a very large RW blog, and they’ve always defaulted to just updating the files with current changes. This might include an archive file RW creates along with associated summary/index files, but changing or adding a single file (blog entry) usually produces essentially a single page update and completes in a very few minutes, less at my usual 5G speeds. I do this every day, so I know the routine. I reported this difficulty because it seemed different. Other than deliberately invoking Update All Files before, I can’t see anything that changed. My subsequent update defaulted to Update All Files. Update Page also initiates an Update All Files, except that limits the number of simultaneous FTP channels to one.

How do I get the publishing logs and who can interpret them? Thanks for your help.

Step 6 in the KB article gives you the details on getting the logs.

You can also send them to RealMac support and see if they can help, or post them here.

If you send them to support I’d include a link back to this post.