Publishing Internal Site

I am using RW to publish a site internally just for use in my business almost like a Wiki. I have exported it to a folder and want to put a shortcut on the desktop of all of the computers but when I open up the menu page and then try to navigate to another page It doesn’t work. It opens a window but not the webpage

If you’re using all HTML pages then under advanced settings try turning off tidy links.

A better solution would be to run a web server on your Mac.

The free version of MAMP would work fine. This would allow you to use php and MySQL if you need to.

My mac is not always connected to the network. I am trying to “publish” it to a network of windows computers. Is the “tidy link” setting on windows?

Andy Riddick📎

Tidy links will change your page addresses, with it off they will use the full address so you should be able to browse your html pages fine.

You said you were using a network, but your computer is not always on the network, are you putting your site on a server? If so what type?