Publishing issue which folder to choose with Rapidweaver on Mac

Hi I have build a website on Rapidweaver 7 last march and now I want to publish it (working on a mac).
I have done the first step by putting the name of my server user and password.
then It ask me to choose in which folder I want to publish and this is where I don’t know what to choose and afraid to click on the wrong folder…
can anyone please help me?


here is the sreenshot of where I am blocked:

I’d suggest that this is a question for your web hosting company. May hosts for example, use a public_html folder but others don’t.

It’s the sort of question they should be able to answer quickly and easily.

Good luck.


I agree with Rob.

Your directory looks like nothing I’ve seen before. I suspect, it is not right. That’s why you should contact your hosting company and ask them to help you with it.

BTW, the “normal” place to put your website in is public_html folder, which resides inside folder (for example).

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