Where can I find the file size of my site?

(Glynis Whiting) #1

I recently upgraded to Rapidweaver 7, from 5, and am having a heck of a time trying to publish. My host company took a look at my settings in a screenshot and said everything is entered according to their specs, but I keep getting the message that it can’t find the server. I never had this problem using RW 5.

I’m wondering if I’ve gone over my max for the package I purchased (although it’s only a few pages with a half dozen photos).

Has anyone else had a similar problem?


(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

It‘s very unlikely that you run into a space problem with your hosting plan…

(Greg Schneck) #3

Yes… sounds like a settings issue if it can’t find the server. You might post the screenshot here.

(But to answer your question, your hosting control panel should have a tool to show your disk usage. But that is not causing your problem.)

(Glynis Whiting) #4

Good idea, Greg. Here it is.

And thanks for answering my question no where I can find file size, although, if it can’t load, can my host see it?

I’m going to be in-transit today, but look forward, and greatly appreciate, any insights anyone might have!


(NeilUK) #5

It looks like the Path might be wrong. I’d try clearing what’s there now, then click “Browse”. If it’s connecting correctly, you should be able to see a “public_html” folder, or something similar.

Choose the “public_html” folder and publish.

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