SiteGround publishing issues (not a new topic, I know)


I have spent the last three hours trying to solve this by reading other posts and looking at support centres etc. Website not publishing to SiteGround. Any obvious issues? I have an FTP Account with SiteGround, and I know the FTP credentials

The only thing I haven’t used (successfully) is the port.

Despite looking as though it is publishing, cannot see it on a browser, so assume it’s a publishing setting issue.

Any help very gratefully appreciated.



Update - just had a poke around in file manager and the attempts to publish have created a variety of folders.

Looks like the path is wrong.

I don’t use SiteGround but from their knowledge base, my guess is that you should be pointing at the public_html directory for the primary url of the account. Not sure about other secondary URLs associated with the account.

I’d clear out the path in your publishing settings and use the Browse button and select the folder that way.

Right now you got a lot of stuff out in a directory called 21? You also have a what looks like pages published to the root directory. Looks like you have two other directories one with the domain name and one with the domain name and a suffix of 21?

Not sure what these are? Might want to do a little house cleaning with a file manager.


Hi, thank you. I was just tidying-up using File Manager although I haven’t worked out how to delete folders, only files.

Stupid question: do I have to create public_html in RapidWeaver or is that a SiteGround thing?

Appreciate the help. RW and Foundry were a doddle compared to this publishing challenge.


Thank you. It now works. Next step, working out how SiteLok works …

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