Publishing issue

The publishing gets tricky with RW7. Several problems forced me to publish everything. The pubslihing settings are correct. After 6 uploaded files (of 620) publishing stops without any error specification !!!
Here the two after two seconds constantly changing messages :

How can I find the file txt.rtf which perhaps causes the problem ? - How can I undue “Publishing all” ? To have partial pubslishing? Thank you for advice !!


How many concurrent ftp processes do you have configured in Settings > Publishing > Connections?

Some hosts stop users from using too many. Try reducing that to 1, then - if it works - go up to 2; repeat and so on until you may reach the maximum allowed by your host.

You could use Spotlight to find all files called, TXT.rtf in your RW site’s folder hierarchy. If there is only one, you’ve located the file which may be causing the trouble - assuming it’s not a problem with the number of concurrent connections (above). And assuming that is is always that file (and not, say, the sixth file) which is stopping publishing.

If not, from within RW, change the filename to something like TXT_1.rtf and see whether the newly renamed file is where publishing stops. If it is, then you’ve found the culprit.

If it’s not that (renamed) file, change its name back to TXT.rtf and rename the next file which is revealed by Spotlight in the same way until one of then causes the halt.

I’m sure when you’ve found the file, we can help you further. Good luck!

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