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Due to the high costs of printing and paper in my country, the magazine “Internal Medicine” which is the official organ of the Venezuelan Society of Internal Medicine, is being developed only in PDF format.
So far we have uploaded the full magazine to our site, but we are looking for a more efficient way of publication.
There is an open source platform called “Open Journal Systems” that looks very attractive.
I wonder if any of the members of this forum, especially those related to academics, has some experience with this system and if there is a way to integrate in RW.

Link for a demo:

Application site:

I would appreciate your help

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I’m not real clear on what you are after and have no experience with the platform you linked to. But I did a lot of work for a client who published catalogs several times a year and went from print to digital PDFs flip books.

We started on a platform called Zmags which was costly but eventually moved to a self hosted, self made system using flip book creators.

It saved them tens of thousands of dollars a year in printing and distribution costs and had the added benefit of being able to include rich media like videos, links to products and data capture.

I also did a similar magazine type system for a trade publication which became totally digital in the end.

As I said I’m not sure what you goal is, maybe if you can elaborate on your goal more ideas will come.


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Fixed-layout ePub3 might be an option. I’m not sure what is inefficient about uploading whole journals, but you could always upload each journal article as a separate file, whether it is a PDF, ePub or some other format. This would reduce download times and server load.

Thank you very much to both of you for your kind response.
The platform referred allows you to set index so that the user can search articles by date, title, author, or keywords.
Each magazine article is uploaded as a separate file in PDF or HTML format.
I am not familiar with ePub3, but I’ll check it out.
Thank you very much again, I appreciate any other suggestions.

I know it’s a while since you posted this. Could you expand a little on the “self made system using flip book creators”. I have, I think, a similar requirement.

There are several pdf to flip book conversion programs out there.
Do a google search you will find them.

Most take a pdf as an Input and give you several options for output including html, exe and app.

I’m not sure what you are after so it’s hard to be more specific.

Thanks for replying Scott. That helps. It’s the integration with Rapidweaver that I was a little unsure about. Are there any stacks particularly suited to this or is it just a question of taking the html output from the converter and dropping it into an html stack in RW?

Yes. basically, that’s what you will do. The output of the software will make several files including html.
You will upload the “helper files” and put the html in RW.

Maybe this would be useful?

In the end we decided to publish our magazine in “Open Journal System”, and we are very satisfied so far.
Thank you very much again to all for your suggestions.

Most of my work is in print, but I also do web FlipBook versions for the web. I used to use a pay for issue platform like ZMags, but it was expensive, and I still had to do all the work. All I got from them was hosting, and a bill (while they just ran it through their software). What I use now is FlipBuilder Professional from They have a number of products, but I use the pro version ($299). You can host on their servers for $1 per month for one book/pub, or $99 a year for up to 1000 books.

Basically you start with a PDF in single pages (convert your text links to URLS within Acrobat before you start), run it through the software, add links and other customizations, and then publish it online. You can also produce html5 non Flash versions.