Publishing multi page site to local server

sorry to ask a newbie question, but I have been trying for months to Publish a multi page site, eg the superb demo site from BWD: to my home site folder using “Publish Site To…My server”. I have shifted my ‘Sites’ folder from the root up to my home folder, but ALWAYS when I try using the menus, I get the list of files of the page and not the ‘index.html’ of that page. I guess that it’s either something in the 'Setting/General… or “Publishing Settings…” but this is getting ridiculous. I had no difficulty with Rapidweaver 5 and had a web site up for 5 years, but will not invest in a host until I am sure that Rapidweaver 7.5.2 will upload a multi page site correctly.

Try MAMP (free) I have 10 RW sites on it locally, many are multi page, even supports php

Thanks Dave, you are a wonder - I have downloaded MAMP and now have 3 perfectly working BWD sites working from htdocs… its a doddle when you know how!! I may even invest in MAMP PRO. it looks interesting.

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Hi Dave, you have lead me into foreign waters! I have used MAMP to start learning php and downloaded WordPress. Having a local server/host, opens huge doors. Thanks.

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