Publishing on rapidweaver 8.7 now not connecting to FTP site

Hi all,

Last week I successfully published my site updates to my FTP server from within rapidweaver with no problem. I have just tried today and I’m getting a message that it couldn’t publish to the site.

The specific message when I click the info button is ‘failure to receive data from the peer’ as below:

I have run a test from within rapidweaver and it successfully connects to the site, so there’s no login issue. I have changed nothing on my ftp service (I can log in okay with a 3rd party file transfer system) and rapidweaver gave me no problems last week when I uploaded.

Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 2.04.29 PM

Any ideas how to fix this so I can upload changes to my site again? I do so regularly when publishing podcasts and videos, so kind of urgent to know why rapidweaver has just started failing.



Difficult to say what might be causing this message and abend. The test button tests the basic login credentials.

  • Who is the hosting company
  • Can you publish to a local folder without issue?
  • Maybe a screenshot of the publishing settings

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