Publishing -- Thought that Site would NOT republish - RW 7.2.2 - projects don't show up

My site published and republished about 8 or 10 times, but refused to republish after that. I had not changed any of the settings. After calling the hosting company (GoDaddy), I learned that it WAS publishing, but that I could not view it online unless I typed in the domain name as MalibuTownshipCouncil/index.html. He said something in the program apparently changed on my personal computer and that other people will be able to see it without typing in the /index.html.

Does anyone know why that is occurring? Also, all of a sudden, none of my projects are showing up in my projects window! I can find them on my hard drive, but I want them to show up in the project window. What happened and how do I fix it? I did NOT move them on my hard drive, so that is not the reason that they are not showing up.