Publishing times-out or "unable to publish"

Publishing just 54 files it times out with 4 to go. There is no visible delay between publishing the last file and the “timeout” so I suspect there isn’t really a timeout error.

Trying again with 25 files to publish it quits with 2 files to go. Then publishing again it naturally starts the whole 25 files and fails with just 1 to go. Does the publishing engine not keep track of what has already been uploaded?

RW 6.3


Some hosts limit the number of concurrent connections.

Have you tried setting that to 3 (or at most 4)?

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I did try both 6 and 1 but not 3. I will try this, Thanks Mark


Sorry to say that if 1 has the errors, 3 will be no better. It’s incremental. 6 may be too much. 4 may even be too much. Try 3 or 2. Good luck!