Publishing via SFTP issue

Hi there, my first question, new to RW
My Hosting company says I must use port 2200 for SFTP publishing, does any body know what ports are used in the RW publishing ?
currently I cannot publish via SFTP

You can put a colon and then the port on the end of the server address and RW will use that port for its SFTP connection. In other words, add :2200 to your server address.

I did that and it tested ok, but got error could not connect to server, no matter what number of connections I used

it may be conflicting with the port number RW have coded into the SFTP setting???
waiting to hear back from Dan

Yippee !!! Got it working had to set the path like this
example. /home/domainname/public_html
and add port :2200 to server address

Thanks for you help

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