Publishing with "Consolidate Common Files" unchecked

I’ve just upgraded to Yosemite in my new MacMini from Snow Leopard in my old machine, so I’m trying to get everything working as it was previously before upgrading RapidWeaver (I can only go to RW6 because RW7 doesn’t work in Yosemite).

In RW5.3.2, my pages weren’t looking right, did not have the right css. So to get them looking right, the only thing that seemed to work was unchecking Consolidate Common Files in RW/Preferences, then Marked All Pages and Resources as Changed, and Republished All Pages. This worked fine on a single page but uploaded 12,750 files on my site with 50-100 web-pages and took hours. Yet with Consolidate Common Files checked, it normally uploads a handful of files rather than the 208 files uploaded for each web-page.

What’s up? How to get all my pages using the right css without unchecking Consolidate Common Files? This used to work fine in Snow Leopard…

@CrisBCT Have you tried Exporting your site locally? If so and you get the expected number with consolidated checked, use an FTP tool like TRANSMIT to upload the site. Most old timers do that when they have publishing problems.

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