Files not uploading correctly-- can't find css, js, font awesome, etc

Having issues with Rapidweaver not “collecting” things in the right place. Have tried via RW and exporting to desktop then uploading via Cyber Duck. It’s a mess and I don’t know where these things should be in my folders.

@isaiah I have tried repuplishing multiple times, from scratch.

  1. Don’t just hit the publish button again, specifically select “Re-Publish All Files”

    This will make RapidWeaver ignore all previous history and just try to upload everything. It will take a while, but if it works it will get the publishing cache back in sync with the site.

  2. If that still doesn’t work. Then I think I should take a look at the project. Zip up the project and your entire addons folder and share with Dropbox (or your favorite sharing service). Then send me a link.


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@isaiah I did that. I also deleted everything and tried via RW and Cyberduck. I’ll send you a link.

Sent an email. Let me know if you need anything else. I’m going nuts so thank you for the help!

It seems like what you’re experiencing is that the data on your host doesn’t look like what you expect it to. So the first instinct is to check for caching – something that’s getting in between your web browser and what’s on your host.

It looks like you’re using CloudFlare. That is exactly such a thing that could cause problems.

I don’t know that CloudFlare is the root of the problem (it probably isn’t) – but it will definitely prevent us from seeing the actual files on your server – as it will be trying to cache things.

I would recommend completely disabling cloud flare and any other caching or distribution services – at least until we get all the problems resolved. Once we get things working smoothly, then you can worry about speeding it up with CloudFlare.