Pulse cms ... log in trouble

(E) #1

Have I missed out on crucial Pulse CMS news?

I signed up 2 months ago for the unlimited version. Had to move onto another project so didn’t use it, but can see that I’m paid up. But I can’t log on or change password (tried in Safari Firefox and Chrome) Am on 3rd day of sending emails for help …but only auto response emails back.

Don’t know whether to sit waiting or dump it and try something else. Weird as Michael is usually so zippy to respond! Hope he is ok.

(Rob D) #2

Maybe he is working on a solution?

(E) #3

true … but I think he would let me know

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #4

Let’s get him here @yuzool @kryten

(E) #5

Thanks instacks.
I know he was in California, but maybe back in Tokyo …

(Jason Bostick) #6

There’s also a Pulse forum which you could try - maybe the users there have an idea: https://forum.pulsecms.com/

(E) #7

Great, thanks for that. I’ve just signed up and posted.

(Michael Frankland) #8

Sent you an email with a new login @Figory :slight_smile:
Looking forward to seeing your Pulse project!!

(E) #9

YAY! Thank you Michael