I click install Pulse cms with chilli dog hosting

(E) #1

I have read that it is possible to add Pulse CMS to your chili dog hosting site with just one click in the C Panel.

But I cant for the life of me find any info on where to make this one click!

I cant find anything in there that says Pulse … should I be looking for something else?


(scott williams) #2

Just send @barchard Greg a support ticket, he will get ya going quickly.

(E) #3

will do thanks. was trying not to bug him!

(Paul Russam) #4

Look for Softalitious, it’s like an App Store for your server. It should be in there.

(Nate Eckley) #6

So I was stuck in literally this same place. Here is the process I use now to get pulse CMS up and running. Some may be required, some not. But like I said these work for me. The installer used to be on Chillidogs “app store” but it was the old version of pulse. Now from what i can find its not on there anymore. So I go to my Pulse CMS account and download the latest version. Upload the files to my website folder using filezilla. I then go into the config file and input my license and any info that id like to change. I have discovered that if you change the info in the config file and then upload it it wont work. In Rapidweaver I have found that all the pages need names and folder names otherwise pulse will not work. I have also found that the indexes all need to end in .php. I have also found that if there are any index.html in the website folders pulse will not work. If you need help let me know. I put many hours into figuring all this out.

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Thanks all for the help.

Yet another big Thank you to Greg. He never ceases to amaze me with his help. I had been bugging him recently about something else and was trying not to annoy him. But as always he got right back to me.
CHILLI DOG HOSTING Thank you. For anyone out there looking around for hosting. Chillidog hosting is the one. Greg knows Rapidweaver, so if you are like me and sometimes find yourself needing to go the extra step with a project… Greg is there … it makes all the difference in the world.

I wasn’t being quite as blind as I thought. Here is Greg answer:
It hasn’t been reinstalled yet on the new server. I wanted to make sure any dust settled first. I’ll get it re-installed. Probably this weekend if not sooner. Wanted to ensure everything was stable on the new platform.

neckley0207 Thank you so much for posting all that valuable info. I shall get back into it this morning. I always get a bit depressed when everyone else seems to be able to do things in 3 minutes … but it takes me 3 days on the first time.

I’ll follow your steps … once I have mastered Pulse I think its going to be a great combo

(scott williams) #8

Greg @barchard is the best, no question.

(E) #9

I have not added the serial number which may be why its not working for me.
But it seems odd that they don’t tell you to in the instruction video. They just say change path and password

(Michael Frankland) #10

That’s as the video is focusing on the RapidWeaver side of integrating with Pulse…
For Pulse setup, you can see the Pulse site docs:
For example - http://help.pulsecms.com/article/12-settings

Yes - RapidWeaver and Pulse is a great combo!