Pulse Stack 5.1 is here!

The wait is over: Pulse 5.1 is finally here, coming with 103 updates.

And with it the Pulse Integration Stacks have been updated to v5.1 also.

What’s new in the Stacks:

  • Inline Edit (Beta): Edit your Pulse content right of the RapidWeaver page, without going into the Pulse dashboard. Long awaited feature!

  • Blog Styling: A Pulse Blog integrated into RW has now the same styling like a standard RW blog in the same theme. In addition, you have fine granular styling possibilities (like inside Poster Stack). A online version of Poster Stack if you want :wink:

  • Statistics Integration: It is now (optionally) possible to track the site traffic of your RapidWeaver site inside the Pulse dashboard.

And with it, of course a numerous of bug fixes. Update right out from the Stacks plugin.

Happy Pulsing,
@instacks Jannis and @yuzool Michael :smiley: :+1:


That sounds very interesting.

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Great work @instacks - A really great improvement to this already awesome combo :fire:

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