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Hello Chums,
It is an awefully long time since I was on this forum…
I have an old site that I built using RW and it has a blog that was created using a Pulse blog stack.

You’ll see it has been 6 years since I posted there (created for an MA project I did). There are some unwanted comments on the blog that have recently appeared an I can;t figure out for the life of me how to edit them.
I have fired up my old version of RW (5?) and there seems to be no access to the blog through wy - other than to paste in the code.

Can anyone remind me how to re-access the blog please?




With Pulse, don’t you just log in using your web browser?

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Thanks @ajophoto - as @instacks points out we have a thread going over there so please post any findings in there, thanks

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